You are your hair. You can make it as beautiful as possible to be attractive. Thus, having long hair is one of the many solutions to take into consideration. It is also a long-term commitment. You can not just grow it long and disregard it later. Let us take a look at the PROS and CONS of having long hair to help your preference.




Hair Everywhere - They will be on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. You will see them on your hairbrush, on the shower floor, and even on your food. You will be surp


Time-Consuming - Taking care of long hair is not just about combing it but keeping it neat, moisturized, and beautiful! It will not suit you if you are a wash-and-go type of person. Shampooing and conditioning already feel like forever, and it does not stop there. Care to add blow-drying, some ironing, or applying hair products to that. Styling itself could already take an hour or less when you get lucky with your first choice hairstyle. 


Bad Hair Days - Having a bad hair day is undeniably inevitable, even on the most important days made worse by humid weather. 

Messy Hair and Tangles - There would always be a mess and endless tangles unless you keep your hair up in a bun. It's not what you want if you want to flaunt your long hair. 

No Volume - Having long hair could result in having no volume, especially if you are into one length haircut. That kind of hairstyle is neat and simple, a perfect hairstyle for an everyday look. Still, there are plenty of ways to spice it up for a more volumized look but still keep it casual. Get some layers done to remove some excess weight that drags hair down. Make sure it is done by a hairdresser for great results. If you want to ditch the scissors, you can also try keeping your hair fresh and bouncy for a more natural volume.


Split Ends - This is very common for improperly managed hair. As we all know, hair is sensitive and gets very dry without proper nurture. It also hates being dry, thus, resulting in brittleness. It gets even worse after too much styling, ironing, blow-drying, and hair coloring. That takes the toll! And there we have the never-ending split ends. We love our long hair, but we have to get some trimming done. 

 Here are the PROS of having long hair that would make you forget the CONS!





Keep you Warm - Some cold days are just pain, but long hair might come in handy. Simply putting it down to cover your nape and neck will add extra comfort besides wearing a scarf or coat with fur collars. Forget about the beanies too! Your hair down your ears will look a lot better. 

Confidence Booster - Being able to do what you want with your long hair is already a sign of confidence. Having endless ideas of hairstyles you can choose from would even amplify it. Whatever style you choose is your personality. Whether you wear your hair down or pull off a gorgeous updo will make a big difference in your presence. 

Versatile - Long hair is like a versatile playground of styling! You will be ecstatic with the many things you can do with your hair. From straight to curly and braids to buns, the styles are unbelievably limitless. You will enjoy making stunning tiaras for special occasions or just when you feel like it. Explore different braids like French braids, box braids, Dutch braids, Fishtail braids, Butterfly braids, and so much more. 


Quick Updos - When in doubt of your hairstyle or having a bad hair day, an easy and quick updo is the best solution for long hair. Unlike short hair, blow-drying is essential for stubborn flyaways. However, when in a rush, it ends up wearing a cap, and we do not want that. Some easy yet gorgeous updos to try are hair bun or double bun, romantic french twist, messy pigtail buns, top bun, and even braided knots. Quick updos are also for the hot days. Some summer days are just too hot, and sweating on your neck and nape is an enemy.  A ponytail or a bun gets everything in place to keep it neat and fresh compared to short hair.

Hair Flip Worthy - It is not always about flirting. Long hair can always pull off a nice hair flip to show your confident presence. To make this a success, always pay attention to nurturing your hair to get that healthy, shiny, and attractive hair that everyone would be jealous of. Natural oils in the hair are vital, but it would be nice to have fresh and bouncy hair from time to time for that perfect hair flip. 

 Look Youthful and Gorgeous - Yes! Since long hair has endless styling possibilities, you can choose from lovely age-defying hairstyles for a more youthful glow. Never underestimate the power of long straight hair. Its simplicity brings out an innocent beauty you never thought you had. Soft waves on long hair also make it to the list of simple and beautiful hairstyles. An easy sleep-in ponytail wave is one quick way to achieve beach waves for a fresh look. Do not forget, updos and braids can also do the job. You can experiment with different looks. Sky's the limit!


Having long hair might be intimidating and discouraging given the amount of time to dedicate. Washing, shampooing, drying, styling, moisturizing, and styling takes a lot of effort. Dedication and patience are required to begin growing it. However, it still has a lot of perks that help you consider it otherwise. According to surveys, men find women with long hair attractive; and women find men with long hair sexy. Nevertheless, long or short hair, you are beautiful.